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Today in my blog I wanted to talk about stopping a Bank of America foreclosure and some of the benefits to you the homeowner. Being one of the largest mortgage service companies in the nation Bank of America is in the news a lot and they are great to work with on a short sale file. While Bank of America does offer many of their customers the option of a loan modification this usually only pushes a foreclosure further down the road. Our team understands how Bank of America works and we think a short sale is in your best option. Bank of America uses an online platform called Equator in their short sale department that provides for much better communication and transparency while your file is being processed. Because our team has a lot of short sale experience with Bank of America we also have great relationships with their staff and the people who ultimately make the decision on your short sale file. This is a great benefit just in case we run in to any problems during the approval process. If you have any questions on your Bank of America underwater mortgage, or any other lender, please take a minute to browse my website or contact me directly to discuss your options. If you are behind on your mortgage in the Philadelphia area our team wants to help you avoid foreclosure today. Thank you for stopping by Sold By Short Sale and have a great day.