Hey, I’m Matt Fetick with SoldbyShortSale.com, one of Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialists. I really like what I do, and I’m so grateful for the chance each day to assist individuals work through troubled real estate problems. We’re very good at helping clients which can be upside down on their mortgage and owe more than what it is worth, negotiate with their lenders to get relieved of those unpaid deficient balances.

One thing I wished to bring to your attention at the moment is if you’re contemplating doing a short sale on your private home and you are listing your own home with a real estate agent, the one thing I would like you to ask is who’s going to negotiate my short sale? You see a lot of realtors in the area are uncomfortable negotiating short sales and that’s fine and they should be. Negotiating short sales should not be completed by people with no experience. It’s a real challenge to get them completed and approved. You also want someone with expertise and ultimately the contacts. It is essential to have these relationships on the executive level where we can call and have conversations. Fortunately my staff does. We’ve basically acquired a a hundred% success rate with our short sales.

Many of real estate agents outsource the negotiations to a 3rd party company. The third party company has to earn a living somewhere so what they do is either charge the lender a negotiation payment which decreases the sum of money that the lender is going to obtain and therefore may increase the amount of money of the deficient balance that you can be accountable for.

They charge the buyer a negotiation fee. I’ll let you know as an agent on this area that when consumers see they have to pay a negotiation payment, they don’t even go see those homes as a result of why should they need to pay a payment to someone else to barter a short sale? Right here on the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team and SoldbyShortSale.com, we do not charge anybody for negotiating short sales. We believe it is our job and our accountability to protect our clients. We do all of our negotiating in house and we manage them and we use our contacts and sources to get them approved. That’s why our success rates are so high. When you have questions about short sales and if you are contemplating doing one, make sure you find out who’s going to be responsible. If you need a beginning to end answer for a short sale, then we’re the team for you. Again, I am Matt Fetick with SoldbyShortSale.com, certainly one of Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialists and we’d love to help you out and walk you through your entire options. Thanks and have an awesome day.

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