Hello, this is Kevin Barmann with SoldbyShortSale.com. I am the short sale listing manager for the Matt Fetick Real Estate team. We are with Keller Williams Real Estate where we’re your Philadelphia short sale experts. What I wanted to speak about at this time was a subject that I’ve had a couple of completely different people ask me about. The query was who’s going to be interested by shopping for your property as a short sale. The truth is many people are curious about shopping for a property even when it is a short sale. There are some folks that won’t be nice candidates for buyers but there are still a lot of people which might be interested.

Some people which might be good potential buyers are people which can be shopping for their first home or are presently living in an condo and could go month to month rent till it’s approved. Also some people who need to buy but they don’t really need to purchase right now and if they put a strong offer on a short sale then they will have the time to place their own property on the market as well.

So, in the end there are people which might be considering shopping for properties which are short sales. What our staff does is we make certain we market the property to get the absolute best purchaser to the property and have them submit an offer for us to negotiate on your behalf. Once more, I’m with the Matt Fetick Real Estate team, your Philadelphia short sale experts and we’re here to help. So in case you have any questions, please give me a call at 610-427-4420 or check out our site and send us a message at SoldbyShortSale.com. Thanks and have a good day.

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