Are you in need of selling your home but don’t know where to start? Homeowners that are looking to sell their home usually reach a point where they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn. This usually happens to homeowners who find themselves underwater on their home. This means they owe more than the home is currently worth. If this sounds like your situation, it might be a good idea to check into completing a short sale on your home. A short sale is a sale that the bank or lender approves and they agree to accept less than what you owe on the sale of your home. There is no need to panic; we are available to help you with your Chester County short sale.

If you are in the area and think you might be interested in a Chester County short sale, please contact us today. We can help you get on the path to financial freedom by getting out from underneath your underwater mortgage. We are available to look over your situation and help you determine if a Chester County short sale is the best decision for you and your family. Then you have to contact your bank or lender and let them know you are interested in completing a Chester County short sale on your home. Your lender will explain the next steps and send you the paperwork that you will be required to complete and submit by a certain date. Next you will need to find a Chester County short sale agent to work with on your Chester County short sale transaction. You will then want to begin preparing your home to sell if you haven’t already started. You could start by packing up some of y our items that you don’t use every day in order to de clutter your home and make it look more inviting to potential buyers. Then your Chester County short sale agent will help you get an offer on your home and negotiate the details with your lender.