Hello, I’m Matt Fetick with sold by short sale. Philadelphia leading short sale specialist. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is which banks will consider allowing me to short sale my house. The honest answer is any bank will consider a short sale on your distressed property. Because your bank is concerned with lending money and not owning real estate they will consider taking a reduced amount to cut their losses instead of facing a lengthy and costly foreclosure. When a home enters foreclosure a bank assumes the responsibility of paying utility bills, daily upkeep, insure it against theft or fire, and hire an agent to sell the property. For these reasons a bank should always be motivated to keep you in your home while working on a short sale. Of course some banks can be harder to work with while processing a short sale but we will work with any bank to help our clients. Every bank has a different process and our job is to understand that process and get you out of your current property situation. We act as an advocate against your bank to look out for your best interest. If you are facing foreclosure please give me a call to discuss the many different options to consider. To discuss your own particular property situation or ask any questions you may have about Philadelphia short sales feel free to e-mail or call. This is Matt Fetick you Philadelphia and short sale specialist. Thank you and have a great day.