Hello everyone my name is Kevin Barmann with the Sold By Short Sale and the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team, Philadelphia’s short sale specialist, thank you for your time today. I work with Keller Williams Realty in the Philadelphia area and use this weblog to offer distressed property owners with priceless information on their choices for avoiding foreclosure. In case you are struggling to pay your mortgage each month or have seen the worth of your property greatly diminished take a minute to browse my website or call our workplace to learn extra in regards to the short sale process.

For my blog today I needed to speak with Philadelphia homeowners about working with your buyer and what’s allowed after a offer has been accepted. In the current housing market in Philadelphia we are often receiving multiple offers on each home when listing but when an offer is accepted we have now a specific process to follow. The buyer of the property is allowed twenty one days to examine the home and discover anything that will have to be repaired for the house to be lived in. Each short sale property that we list is sold as is but we like to provide the subsequent home-owner the opportunity to see what they have purchased and start planning ahead. That is simply a part of the process that has helped us get numerous short sales closed every year in Philadelphia.

If you have any questions on your distressed property or are already contemplating a short sale fill out a contact form on my website or call me at present to get started. On my web site you can too find our Short Or Stay Calculator tool that can allow you to decide if a short sale is true for you. Thanks for your time at the moment and I look forward to helping you with all of your Philadelphia real estate needs within the future.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Sold By Short Sale blog or you can also contact the Matt Fetick team and get started today.