Hi, this is Kevin Barmann with SoldByShortSale.com and I’m the short sale listing manager for the Matt Fetick Real Estate team right here at Keller Williams Real Estate. We’re one of the main short sale groups in the Philadelphia area. At the moment I needed to talk about what happens when we receive the short sale approval letter from your mortgage company. In the end the approval letter is going to state precisely what your mortgage firm can and can’t do against you in the future. Our purpose is to have the mortgage firm agree that they will not come after you for the distinction that they are losing during your short sale transaction. It’ll clearly state within the approval letter if they will or cannot do that. Our staff Just wanted to briefly answer that concern for you and other concerned homeowners out there.

We have now had several homeowners send us messages on our website wondering what’s going to happen throughout a short sale and what is going to occur to them sooner or later after the short sale. If you have any questions about short sales or the short sale process in general, or if you’d like extra information on this, please send us a message at SoldByShortSale.com. It’s also possible to give us a call at the office today. Our number is 610-427-4420. Again I’m Kevin Barmann with the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team right here at Keller Williams where we’re one of many main short sale teams in the Philadelphia area and we’re right here to help. Thanks so much and we look ahead to speaking with you soon. Have a great day.

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