Well hello everyone and welcome once again to Sold By Short Sale. I am Matt Fetick and we are Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialists. If you are searching for information on your options for avoiding foreclosure you have come to the right place. I update my blog frequently to provide area homeowners with valuable information about their options for getting out from under their distressed property.

For todays blog I wanted to discuss why a short sale may be your best option and the benefits for a homeowner. One of the biggest concerns that I hear from homeowners who are behind on their mortgage is how they will pay all of the fees associated with selling their home. When we set up a short sale the first thing that we do is set up a mortgage and judgment search on your property. Any kind of judgment or fee associated with your home will be consolidated in to your short sale and ultimately paid for by the bank. Any homeowners fees, transfer taxes, or property taxes will be included in the short sale and not come out of your pocket. In general, any upfront fees or payments to a real estate agent will be included in the short sale. Any judgments or fees on the home will be deducted from the selling price which will give us the net proceeds from the sale of your home. We will negotiate with your bank to accept the net proceeds as payment in full for your house. If you have any questions on how a short sale works or would like to set up a free consultation please visit my website or contact me today. Thank you for tuning in to Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist and have a wonderful day.