Do I have any equity in my home? How underwater am I? What’s my property value? These are all questions that homeowners considering a West Chester short sale have asked themselves. The good news is that there’s a tool that can quickly and easily answer most, or maybe even all, of the questions you have regarding whether or not a West Chester short sale is the best financial decision for you and your family at this time.

The Short Sale Decision Calculator is a tool that can benefit homeowners in many different ways, even if you’re not considering a West Chester short sale. In a matter of minutes it will provide you with an estimate of your property value as well as how much equity you have in your home or if you’re upside down.

If you do happen to be upside down on your home, the Short Sale Decision Calculator will tell you how much time and money it will take until your home breaks even again based on three different rates of appreciation. The best news is that it’s free to use, no strings attached. All you need to do is enter in your property address, mortgage interest rate, monthly payment and remaining principal amount. From there, you’ll immediately receive a detailed report outlining your housing situation for you.

If you feel as if you’re headed towards foreclosure and are trying to avoid it by completing a West Chester short sale, or if you just want to know what your home is worth, we’d like to encourage you to utilize the Short Sale Decision Calculator. Homeowners throughout the area have benefitted from it; many have vastly improved their financial situations by realizing that a West Chester short sale is the best alternative for them. Check out the Short Sale Decision Calculator today to learn more about whether a West Chester short sale is in your best interest.