Hello I am Matt Fetick with Sold by Short Sale. Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist. Thank you for joining me today. This is my chance to share information with our community about preventing foreclosures and how a short sale works if foreclosure is unavoidable. A few years ago it didn’t really matter because houses were flying off the market but in our current real estate market its important to be informed on what to do if something goes wrong financially. Many people in the Philadelphia and :k2: area own a home worth less than what their mortgage is and a short sale may be in their best interest. Today I want to discuss when your mortgage bank isn’t really your actual mortgage bank. So normally you make your mortgage payment to a Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi every month to stay current. In reality, a vast majority of the time these companies are actually just the servicers of your mortgage. They act as the customer service, or face, of your mortgage for investors who are generally government agencies like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. These agencies go out and buy mortgages as an investment but don’t have the staff to provide a customer service type department. In a short sale it is vital to please not just the investor but also the company that is servicing your mortgage. When your servicer accepts your short sale it also has to be accepted by the investor as well. Thanks to our experience in closing short sales we know what to expect when dealing with government investors and how to get your short sale closed. If you would like to know more about short sales please contact me. I have the experience and information to help you get out of your distressed property and on with your life. I’m Matt Fetick your Philadelphia and :k2: short sale specialist. Thank you and have a great day.