Hi my name is Kevin Barmann, short sale listing manager for the Matt Fetick Real Estate team in Philadelphia. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage or are going through foreclosure, I would like to encourage you to reach out to us for help. We can provide you with the information and tools you deserve to successfully avoid foreclosure.

Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about one of the features on our website that our clients have been utilizing recently to find out more about the value of their property and either how upside down they are or how much equity they have. We have a tool on our website, SoldByShortSale.com, called the Short or Stay Calculator. What the calculator does is provide you with a short summary of what we think your home is valued at. All we ask is that you type in some information about yourself and your property, such as how much you owe on your mortgage, your interest rate and monthly loan payment. After you type in this basic information, it crunches the numbers for you based on different rates of appreciation and sends you an email. This email will tell you how much you have to put into your mortgage to break even, or if you have equity in the home. It is a quick tool to use and it’s something that we have been getting great feedback on from homeowners in the Philadelphia area that have used it.

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else about doing a short sale, please give us a call at 610.427.4420 or fill out the form on our website. If you’re struggling, you don’t have to go through this alone; contact us and we can help you avoid foreclosure and alleviate some of your financial problems by helping you do a short sale on your property. Thank you for coming to SoldByShortSale.com.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Sold By Short Sale blog or you can also contact the Matt Fetick team and get started today.