Hello, this is Kevin Barmann from SoldByShortSale.com. I am the short sale listing supervisor for the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team, where we are your Philadelphia short sale experts. I wished to speak to you today about a current program that Bank of America has lately started. They’ve come up with a new program to provide folks which might be defaulting on their Bank of America mortgage an incentive to do a short sale on their property. I do have to inform you that they don’t seem to be offering this to each consumer who has a Bank of America mortgage. I do wish to let you recognize that some consumers are in actual fact receiving these letters within the mail.

Ultimately the profit for the house owner who’s defaulting on their house mortgage, is that the process has changed into a bit of extra streamlined now and there’s a monetary incentive for you, the home-owner, to do the short sale on your home. Once more, I’m Kevin Barmann with the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team, your Philadelphia short sale specialists and we are here to assist you with anything you should need. Please let us know in case you have any questions about Bank of America short sales or the short sale process in general. If you would like to meet with us to see if you are eligible, please give us a call at 610-427-4420 or you’ll be able to send us a message on our web site at SoldbyShortSale.com. Thanks quite a bit and we look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks and have an amazing day.

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