Well hello once again I am Matt Fetick with Sold By Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist, I am so happy you can join me today. I am a licensed real estate agent in the Philadelphia area and update my blog frequently to provide important information to area homeowners about their options for avoiding foreclosure. If you are in search of more information feel free to browse my archive of short sale blogs on my website or contact me via e-mail or phone.

For our blog today I wanted to talk about the government sponsored HAFA program and what it can mean for your short sale file. HAFA is part of the Affordable Home Act that was signed by Congress two years ago and it helps banks and homeowners work out the best situation for an underwater property. I love using the HAFA program because it provides three thousand dollars to the homeowner for relocating to a new home or city. Another great advantage of HAFA is that any lender participating in the program must accept the short sale payment as payment in full on your property. This means your lender will not have the ability to come after you once your short sale is complete for any past due payments or any amount owed on your old mortgage.

The HAFA program provides a fresh start for a homeowner by providing financial assistance and also relieving any concern of future recourse from your old mortgage lender. There are some small differences in a HAFA short sale from a normal short sale but our team has plenty of experience in getting HAFA short sales closed. If you have any questions or would like to set up a free consultation please visit my website or contact me today to get started. Thank you for tuning in to Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist and have a wonderful day.