Well hello again, I am Matt Fetick with Sold by Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist, thank you so much for joining me today in my short sale classroom. My team and I specialize in short sales in the Philadelphia area and I update my blog frequently to keep distressed property owners informed and aware of their options for avoiding foreclosure. If my blog today is helpful, or stirs up some questions in your head, please visit my website where you can find even more information about the lenders I have worked with and my short sale experiences.

For our blog topic today I wanted to discuss getting short sale help on your property while going through a divorce. This is certainly a situation I never like to see but none the less we can help both parties move on. More times than not one of the individuals cannot stay current on their mortgage by themselves and the property will need to be sold. A divorce is considered a valid hardship for a short sale by your lender and will help us put together your short sale file in order to sell your home fast. My team of short sale specialists can work with both parties on separate terms and will do what is needed to accommodate both parties in this process. There are several divorce attorney’s in the area who recommend our team for their clients short sale needs and we have the flexibility to work with any couple. If you are currently going through a divorce, or just have questions about your mortgage, please visit my website or contact me today to discuss your options. Thank you for stopping by Sold By Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialists, and I look forward to speaking with you.