Are you wondering about Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE short sales? Do
you have lots of questions? You’ve come to the right place. One of the
questions that I’m asked frequently is “What happens if the offer on my
Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE short sale is really low?”

There are two answers for that. First of all, we don’t know what the bank will or won’t accept until we submit an offer. And second, we are finding that banks want closer to fair market value. Short sales shouldn’t be perceived as rock bottom sales or super values.

Quite frankly, that is good for everybody. We don’t want to drive the price of a Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE home further down than it already is. It doesn’t benefit the neighborhood, the community or the area. If we can get the best price for your Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE short sale, we can help stabilize the falling market.

That is why we encourage home buyers to offer a price that is close to market value. First, we understand that the bank will be more likely to accept it. Also, we think it is good for our clients. It reduces the amount that is deficient from their mortgage. Furthermore, it keeps our community pricing competitive. This is part of the reason that we submit
every offer to the bank and see which offer the bank will accept or reject. Understand that the bank is looking for an offer that is close to fair market value.