stop calls

One of the things that our Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia customers tell us is that they are frustrated by all of the phone calls they get from their lender when they fall behind on their mortgage.

One of the things that we do when we take your listing in a Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia short sale situation is take over all communication with the bank. There may be some additional documents that you need to fill out. However, we handle all of the phone calls and respond to any mail you receive to take all of that burden off your shoulders.

One of the great things about using us, as seasoned and professional realtors, is that we know how to sell Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia homes. We know the right marketing, the right price, the staging and the right techniques to get your home sold. We understand how to take an offer and negotiate with them to accept a fair market offer on your Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia home, based on what your Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia home is worth today rather than what you owe.

We do these things everyday for our sellers whether you are in a short sale situation or not. We are here to work with you, take the pressure off you and get your home sold. We will also communicate with you in whatever way you find best. We provide you with a private website that only you can see where you can track the progress of your home sale. You can check in any time to see what is going on with the sale of your Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia short sale.

That is why we recommend you work with us. We are the top Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia short sale realtors. We work in the five counties surrounding Philadelphia and in New Castle county, Delaware.

If you would like more information, fill out a form on our website or tune in to one of our webinars to find out exactly what we do to get your Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia home sold.