team has developed a 7 step process for selling short sales with success. This explains step #6 negotiating the short sale. Negotiating with a lender or lenders to accept less money than what is owed is very difficult and time consuming. To your benefit, our negotiation team has successfully negotiated hundreds of short sales with lenders. Our success is based on:

  • Understanding the lenders requirements and meeting them the 1st time
  • Building relationships with lenders due to our high volume of negotiations
  • Submitting offers that the lenders are likely to approve, based on our past experience
  • Helping the lender to find the win/win in accepting the offer

There are many 3rd party negotiation companies out there that claim success. However, we pride ourselves in not only listing your home, but managing the process from beginning through closing. You will have only 1 point of contact throughout your sale. It’s this consistency and experience that helps us to win every time.

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