Securing an offer on a short sale can be a challenge. Buyers are some what hesitant because they have not experienced a short sale before OR their Realtor has not properly prepared them for the process. Once an offer is received there are several tasks that must be completed right away. They include:

  • Offer reviewed and accepted by the Seller
  • Offer with all supporting documentation submitted to the lender
  • Seller’s updated financial statements submitted to the lender
  • Negotiator assigned by the lender to manage the transaction

The offer process requires a significant amount of documentation and it needs to be accurate. Incomplete or inaccurate files will immediately be returned by the lender with no response to the offer. Proper submission of the offer is critical to closing a short sale in a timely manner. Through our experience as short sale specialist, we are able to submit complete offers for review and negotiation the right way from day 1.

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