Don’t allow just any Realtor to market your short sale. Some agents treat short sales as “less than” important clients. My team knows that we must do the same marketing for our short sales as we do our traditional sales as the goal is still to get the highest and best price in the least amount of time. Our Short Sale clients have the same goal as our traditional clients, get the home sold. With that in mind, we don’t short change the marketing.

  • High Profile Listing on line to attract buyers
  • Virtual Tours and Videos
  • Interactive Voice Response Technology
  • Quality color Marketing Materials

Some agents struggle to get their short sale listings sold. Not us, we work hard everyday to promote our listings and win over buyers. Short sale means no equity, nothing more and nothing less.

If you are facing foreclosure or underwater with your mortgage and need to sell your home, we can help. For a free, confidential consultation click here or call: 610.335.1920 or 302.351.2443.