Are you wondering about whether or not you need an attorney to help you with your short sale? The answer is yes and no. I truly believe that legal advice should come from an attorney. They understand the law and the complications that come with foreclosure from a legal standpoint. However, I believe that when it comes to real estate sales, you are best served by a realtor. As a realtor, my job is to help homeowners sell their homes. That is in good times and bad times. I have the training and skills to get your home sold. Also, i have lots of experience negotiating with banks directly.

My experience has been that the biggest difficulty in negotiating with banks comes with banks rejecting offers. The lenders don’t understand the market and the same can be true for attorneys. Real estate agents understand the market and the value of homes.

Our team is best suited to manage your short sale and all of your real estate needs from beginning to end. We do recommend attorneys for legal advice. However, when it comes to getting your short sale marketed, processed, negotiated and closed, your best bet is to go with an experienced Realtor. If you are in Pennsylvania, Delaware, or anywhere in the area, that realtor is me.

Contact the Matt Fetick team to find out if a short sale is right for you. We would be happy to do a phone consultation with you to help determine if a short sale is the right choice for you and your family