Hi, I’m Matt Fetick with SoldByShortSale.com. I’m Philadelphia’s best short sale expert and along with our entire team here at SoldByShortSale.com, we would like to thank you for visiting our blog.

One of the things we would like to talk about right now is what happens to homeowners that are going through a divorce, they owe more on their home than what it is worth and they’ve got to get it sold. I work with a lot of divorce lawyers and they’re struggling to know what to do when homeowners choose to divorce. One thing that is keeping their divorce from being completed is the sale of their upside down house. We’ve assembled some really great resources for family practice lawyers so they can know more about the short sale process and how to better help individuals. We’re able to help homeowners that owe more money on their property than what it’s worth. If both needed to be in the house to pay the loan and now only one person is living in the house, that is a actual hardship. We are able to go to the bank with this situation and explain that they want to sell the home, but they owe more than what it’s worth. We’ll put a short sale package together and send it to the lender for them to consider your short sale. You might be questioning if the bank will even approve the short sale, but I’m going to tell you that we have a very good success rate. Our success rate is almost 100%; most of the short sales that we have not gotten approved were usually due to the homeowner waiting too long to begin the short sale process.

If you are getting divorced and would like to talk about what the short sale process would look like, please contact us. Everything is confidential and there is certainly no obligation to proceed with the short sale process. We look forward to talking to you you soon.

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