shortsale-foreclosureWelcome back to the video blog for Philadelphia & Delaware’s short sale specialist. One of the questions I am asked frequently about Philadelphia & Delaware short sales is “how is the process different from a traditional sale?”

From our perspective there are two major differences. First, it takes a little more work on the homeowners part to get your Philadelphia & Delaware home on the market. In order for us to submit an offer to your bank, we have to collect a financial package from you. We do this so that the bank can better understand what you current financial situation is and understand why you can no longer afford your Philadelphia & Delaware home. So, before we put your home on the market there is a little homework for you to do. Many agents fail in short sales because they aren’t prepared from day one.

From a sales perspective, short sales are not different at all when compared to traditional sales. We treat short sales the same as any other sale because we understand the challenges that a Philadelphia & Delaware home owner is going through. Unfortunately in the current economic client, good people have been put in bad situations. That is where we come into the picture. My team is ready and able to help you through your Philadelphia & Delaware process. The one thing that we need from you is a phone call. We need to hear from you long before this process gets out of control.

We will provide you with nine alternatives to a Philadelphia & Delaware foreclosure. Please feel free to check out our website where we offer a webinar on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm EST. My team is here and ready to help you.