My team has put together a 7 step process for Short Sale success. We take all the confusion out of the process and help you get your home SOLD. This video shares with you step #3 which focuses on pricing.

  • Your home will go on the market based on current fair market value, not what you owe
  • The price will get continually adjusted until an offer is secured
  • The right price will attract the right offer

Pricing a short sale is very important. Some buyers are hesitant to buy short sales as they don’t want to wait for a long response from your bank. Therefore, they want to buy the home at a value. We must attract qualified buyers, willing to wait through the short sale process by pricing the home correctly.

Don’t be confused by the short sale process. Call an expert for advice on how to sell your home when you are facing foreclosure or have no equity. We can help! Click here or call: 610.335.1920 or 302.351.2443.