Hello, this is Kevin Barmann with SoldByShortSale.com and the short sale listing manager for the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team at Keller Williams in Philadelphia. What I wanted to discuss in this video today is a recent class I went to for a lender that’s going to be starting programs for their clients that have either missed a loan payment or are in a place with decreasing home values.

One of the things I gathered from this meeting is that mortgage companies are really starting to understand the value in short sales. They’re planning on mailing out incentives to their customers. It’s important to remember that if you have missed a couple of payments or if you’re struggling with your home loan it’s important to read the papers that your lien holder is sending you. Regardless of who your bank is, it’s important to give us a call and see what we can do for you and if a short sale is best for you. If a document is getting sent to you from your mortgage company, even if it’s something that you don’t want to look at, it is good to take the time and read what they’ve sent you just in case they are offering you an incentive.

If you have any questions about doing a short sale on your home or would like to know more about our team you can call us at 610.427.4420 or send us an email at SoldByShortSale.com. Also, if you want to know if a short sale is right for you before talking to us, try out the Short Sale Calculator on our website. This simple tool will provide you with a break even analysis on your property as well as your approximate property value. Thanks for joining me today and I look forward to speaking with you and providing you with information on short sales.

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