Hello everyone I am Matt Fetick with Sold By Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist. Thank you for stopping by my blog to find relevant homeowner information to make a more informed decision for yourself. Today I wanted to discuss a situation that comes up often where a homeowner needs to relocate for work but their home is worth less than what they currently owe. As more individuals are forced to relocate in order to find a job in their field of expertise this has become a common occurance and we are here to help. In this situation I would suggest doing a short sale on your current property in order to avoid being burdened with two different mortgage payments. I will work with your lender on your behalf to negotiate a fair market price for your underwater property that way you can focus on your new job. If you are still up to date on your mortgage payments we may need to speak with your lender in order to explain the hardship you’re facing. Simply letting your lender know that a short sale is necessary in order to not miss any future payments may be all that it takes. So if you have the good news of finding a new job but the bad news that you need to sell your home ASAP please contact me or visit my website today. Thank you for joining Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist and have an awesome day.