Hello everyone my name is Kevin Barmann with Sold By Short Sale and the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist, thank you for your time today. I work with Keller Williams Realty in the Philadelphia region and am devoted to helping homeowners discover one of the best alternative to foreclosure. If you are behind on your mortgage and not sure of your choices take a minute to fill out the contact form on my website or call me directly to learn more about your whole real estate options.

For my weblog at the moment I needed to talk with Philadelphia homeowners about their probabilities of getting a short sale permitted with an FHA mortgage. Most of the short sales I deal with are owned by the FHA and while I’ve loads of success they can be hard to work with sometimes. Because the FHA is a government sponsored agency their short sale guidelines will typically be more stringent than that of a mortgaged owned by a privately owned bank. Nevertheless, the FHA recently introduced a short sale incentive program that will pay you cash at closing if your short sale is accomplished in a certain amount of days. Thats right the FHA is willing to pay between seven hundred fifty and one thousand dollars for you to short sale your property within the Philadelphia area. While not each Philadelphia home-owner will qualify I have experience with this program and could possibly make it easier to obtain a cash incentive as soon as your short sale is complete.

In case you have questions on your FHA owned mortgage or to find out if you qualify fill out a contact form on my web site or call me at the moment to learn more. Thank you for your time at this time and I hope to hear from you soon at Philadelphia leading short sale specialists with the Matt Fetick Actual Estate Team.

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