foreclosure avoid

Hello this is Matt Fetick of Sold by Short Sale. Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist. Are you facing foreclosure? If so you must act right now. Unfortunately once the foreclosure process starts it is very hard to stop. If you are behind on your mortgage payments do not hesitate to seek help, whether from your bank or a short sale specialist. Since a property foreclosure leaves your bank with distressed property and an underperforming loan it will always be in there best interest to try and help. Some other options to consider instead of foreclosure include a loan modification or a deed in lieu of foreclosure which will cover in a later segment. Whichever option you choose it is important to stop the foreclosure process ASAP if you are underwater on your mortgage. If you are unable to make your payments don’t be embarrassed or afraid, instead get the facts and find help quickly. If you are sixty days behind on your mortgage, or nearing sixty days, please call us to discuss your options. Many good people in the Philadelphia and area just like you have faced the same situation in our current economy and asking for help is the best option. Even if you have received a foreclosure notice there can still be time to explore different options. But time is of the essence so don’t hesitate, call us today to review your options. I am Matt Fetick your Philadelphia and short sale specialist. Thanks for tuning in and have a great day.