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Is Earnest Money Required in a Coatesville Short Sale?

In most real estate transactions earnest money is a cash payment that is offered to the sellers, but earnest money works a little bit differently with a […]

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Characteristics for a Good Chester County Short Sale Agent

The Chester County short sale market can be confusing and you want to make sure that you have a good agent on your side to give you […]

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Should a Chester County Short Sale Be Worried?

If you have a home listed as a Chester County short sale, you probably know that the housing market has never been the same since hitting its […]

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Three Chester County Short Sale Facts

There is a lot of information all over the Internet about how a Chester County short sale works, and understand the short sale process will only give […]

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Three Chester County Short Sale Myths

There are many misconceptions when it comes to a Chester County short sale. It is always important to examine every aspect of a Chester County short sale […]

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Deficiency Balances with a Chester County Short Sale

If you have your home listed as a Chester County short sale, it is important that you understand deficiency balances and how they work. Basically, when a […]

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On The Brink Of Foreclosure? Speak With A Coatesville Short Sale Agent About Your Alternatives

Have you been receiving foreclosure letters from your lender and now they’re finally taking action on your home? Coatesville short sale agents want to encourage you to […]

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Homeowners Cashing In On Incentives From Coatesville Short Sale

For homeowners that are struggling to make their mortgage payments now may be the best time to complete a Coatesville Short Sale. Given the large number […]

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Intimidated By Compiling A Coatesville Short Sale Package? There’s No Need To Be

Have you thought about doing a Coatesville short sale on your home but don’t want to deal with submitting a short sale package? Coatesville short sale agents […]

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