Hello I am Matt Fetick with Sold by Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist. I have created this blog to try and get as much information about our current real estate market to make good decisions for you and your family. Today I would like to discuss working with Citi Mortgage for your short sale. A lot of people in the Philadelphia and :k2: area have used Citi Mortgage for buying their homes or to refinance. I personally love working with Citi Mortgage anytime I am doing a short sale. I have found they have a great system in place making it easy to build great relationships with their staff to help with your specific hardship. Doing as much business as we do with Citi Mortgage we now have our own processor to contact at Citi to submit all of your documents to. In the past we would have to call the 1-800 number and get put on hold like anyone else, but with the relationship that we have built we now have our own personal processor. We have a name, an e-mail, and a phone number directly to our processor that takes the guessing and needless wait time out of your short sale experience. If you have a Citi Mortgage we will work with you to put together all your paperwork and from there we take care to submit all documents and get you a timely response. We understand this can be a frustrating process for you as a home owner and we want to ease that burden in your life. If you would like to know more about short sales in the Philadelphia and :k2: area feel free to visit my website or contact me. I would love to be able to help you.