Are you considering a short sale or a foreclosure on your home? Let us help you determine what your best options are. We are with the Matt Fetick Real Estate team and we wanted to share with you the top reasons people might want to avoid foreclosure on their home. One reason is the foreclosure process will follow you. Any homeowner who goes through the foreclosure process will have to list it on any mortgage application they have in their future. A West Chester short sale can help avoid this. Another reason to avoid foreclosure is due to the negative impact it will have on your credit score. It could be lowered on average about 300 points. You will also have to worry about the possibility of a deficiency judgment. Your lender can choose to come and get any money they do not make during the bank sale. A foreclosure can also have a negative effect when you are applying for certain jobs. There are many employers who run credit checks on potential employees. If you have a foreclosure listed, it can put your current position in jeopardy. If you choose us to work with you on your West Chester short sale, we will look at every possible option before suggesting you pursue a foreclosure on your property.

A West Chester short sale can help your situation by helping you get out from under your underwater mortgage on your home. Not only will the buyer get a good deal on your home, but you will be able to get some money to your lender and start repairing your financial situation. People who go through a West Chester short sale are typically able to buy again within two years. Contact us today to help with your decision.