Thanks for meeting me today on the internet. Lots of people call me and ask why they should work with the Matt Fetick Team. Homeowners are getting lots of mailings from third party companies who promise to negotiate your Philadelphia short sale. It is important to remember that realtors sell home. That is what our job is. Those of us who specialize in Philadelphia short sales also specialize in negotiating with your bank. The key is to find a short sale specialist who has lots of experience with Philadelphia short sales. There are many real estate agents who are good at selling homes, but not all of them are great at negotiating short sales. Many of them offload the negotiating process to a third party.

Here at the Matt Fetick Team, we market your home as if it was a traditional sale and negotiate on your behalf to the bank. We do not outsource our work anybody else. Nobody is more accountable to you than we are. Our experience also tells us who to contact at the bank when troubles arise. We have the knowledge and power to work through any problems with the bank.

Also, as real estate agents, we have specific knowledge of the market which can help show the bank why the offer you receive is the best offer for the bank. We are short sale specialists and we know how to work with the bank.