Hello, that is Kevin Barmann from SoldbyShortSale.com. I’m the short sale listing manager for the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team and we are your Philadelphia short sale specialists. What I wanted to speak about at the moment was the chance that someone could possibly be going through tough instances and needing to think about their choices on their second property. Possibly they’ve a hardship or an unplanned life occasion that has induced them to be unable to afford their second property.

Now we work with plenty of clients that are at a point where they simply cannot afford their second property any longer and so they ask us a couple of questions. One question we get requested a lot is will a short sale on my second property affect me financially? Another query we get requested is, what do they have to do with the intention to be eligible for a short sale? Well the reality is, even when it is a second property for you, it could be potential for you to do a short sale on it. What we must do is talk about your state of affairs and decide if it’s the finest route for you. We need to show you how to take a look at all of your choices to avoid foreclosure on any of your properties.

Again, I’m Kevin Barmann with the Matt Fetick team and we are your Philadelphia short sale specialists right here to reply any questions you may have concerning the short sale process. If a short sale is one thing that you’ve been considering and also you wish to know extra about it, please give us a call at 610-427-4420 or check out our website at SoldbyShortSale.com. Thanks and have a great day.

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