Hi, my name is Kevin Barmann and I’m with SoldbyShortSale.com. I’m the short sale listing supervisor for the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team, where we’re your Philadelphia short sale experts. Right now I wanted to speak concerning the completely different items that are taken care of while you fullfill a short sale. You will need to turn in an entire short sale package to the lender. We don’t need to delay the short sale approval timeline by waiting as a result of we need to re-submit paperwork that weren’t correctly filled out or that had been incomplete.

In the end if there are some other liens towards the property, these are worked on by my staff and me. Those are something that may be negotiated and we try to get a pay off on any liens against the property. So if there is anything else that we have to know about, it is very important add this in the information we provide at the beginning. We have to add this to the paperwork that we fill out and ensure anything else is disclosed so we will start negotiations right away.

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