short-sale Hello, I’m Matt Fetick, with Keller Williams Real Estate and in the Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware’s premiere short sale specialist.

What is a short sale specialist? A short sale specialist is a realtor who works with people that are upside down or underwater with their mortgages. We help you get your homes sold for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time. And we negotiate directly with the bank on your behalf to accept less than what is owed. This is often used to avoid foreclosure for people that are behind on their mortgage payments.

That is not the only reason that people do short sales. Sometimes people have to sell their home in a down market like we are experiencing right now. The reasons for those sales can include divorce, job loss, job relocation, medical issues, deaths in the family and other reasons. When those situations occur and the home must be sold in a time where more money is owed on the home than what it can be sold for, that is where we come in. We represent you with the bank. You no longer have to face all of those letters and phone calls. We operate on your behalf to negotiate an offer that is acceptable to the lender.

Here is the best part. It doesn’t cost you anything. The bank will pay our commission when the home is sold. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone. You get your home sold. We continue to grow our business and we get to meet great people like you. The bank can move on and lend money to other people. If you would like more information on short sales visit our website at or call me for a free, private consultation with no obligation at (610)335-1920. Thanks. I look forward to meeting you soon.