For homeowners who are on the fence about completing a Chester County Short Sale now may be the best time to sell your underwater property. As private lenders and the federal government continue to role out incentive programs homeowners are finding an incentive to get out from under their distressed properties. And with current mortgage rates and home prices stabilizing your Chester County Short Sale could lead to a new home and a new outlook on your real estate future.

Homeowners who qualify for these federal programs are able to receive everything from cash back at closing to tax breaks and even protection for the future. One of the most common short sale incentive programs is the federally sponsored HAFA program. Homeowners that qualify for HAFA will need a mortgage that is backed by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and claim the home as their principal residence. Homeowners that qualify for this program through their Chester County Short Sale are available for up to three thousand dollars in relocation assistance while also securing a deficiency waiver from their lender. This deficiency waiver ensures that your lender will not attempt to sue you in the future for any debt that is forgiven through your Chester County Short Sale. The cash a homeowner recieves through HAFA has no strings attached and can be used for relocating or catching up on past due bills. Some large national lenders, such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo, are also offering their customers short sale incentive programs. These programs generally require the mortgage to be owned and serviced by the lender but have awarded those who complete a Chester County Short Sale up to fifty thousand dollars.

If you are on the fence about completing a Chester County Short Sale contact an experienced agent today to learn if you could qualify. Even if you are current on your mortgage payments it is possible to qualify for one of these great programs while also getting out from under your distressed property.