Hello everyone I am Matt Fetick with Sold By Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist, thank you so much for joining me today. I blog frequently to keep homeowners in the Philadelphia area up to date and informed on their options for avoiding foreclosure and staying in control of their underwater property. For today’s topic I wanted to discuss the timeline that a homeowner has once they have fallen behind on their mortgage. The reason I wanted to discuss this is to show homeowners how important it is to act fast and seek help instead of waiting for foreclosure or a sheriff sale to take their home away. From working with clients in the past I can tell you once you are ninety days behind on your mortgage your lender will begin to actively pursue foreclosure. While it is certainly not impossible, once the foreclosure process is started it becomes very difficult to stop and makes a short sale agreement harder to reach. I recently had a client who was two weeks away from the public auction of their home due to foreclosure. By acting fast and getting an offer on the home immediately we were able to get a short sale approved and avoid any more damage to the homeowner. If this person had waiting another day or two I’m not so sure we would have been as lucky. Even if you are not behind on your mortgage currently but may be in the future please contact me or visit my website to learn more about your options. Thank you for tuning in to Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist and have a great day.