Hi, I am Kevin Barmann with SoldByShortSale.com and short sale listing manager for the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team in Philadelphia. What I would like to talk to you about today is something that a recent customer talked to me about; they were looking for clarification on something they had heard. One of our customers heard from their neighbor that buying a short sale is a long process and it’s something that many buyers do not want to work with.

What I would like to talk to you about is some of the things we’ve done as a team to make certain our listings are appealing to people. First of all, we ask all of our customers to remain in the property if possible and also keep it in the best condition they possibly can. Some sellers need to move out because of job transfer or family situations, but we ask them to still take care of the property as best as possible. The other factor that makes our houses attractive to buyers and buyer’s agents is that we have a document on the MLS that any real estate agent can see that explains the short sale process before they even take a look at the property. We set the foundation for a good relationship with any of the buyer’s agents that we work with to make certain that if one of their customers is interested in one of our properties, they know exactly what to expect moving forward.

If you have any questions about listing your house as a short sale or about the short sale process, please reach out to us at 610.427.4420 or check out our website, SoldByShortSale.com or feel free to send us an email. The Matt Fetick Real Estate Team is here to help you with your challenging financial situation, inform you on the short sale process and get your house sold.

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