I’m often asked “How many banks can you work with?” Now I can tell you for sure, many! I have just helped a homeowner through their Philadelphia short sale. As of today, all four mortgages have been approved for release and we are due to schedule closing in February. It wasn’t easy, but believe it or not, I got the entire approval process done in sixty days.

There are lots of guidelines with the first investor regarding what they can offer to junior lien holders. The amount that the junior lien holder gets is limited to whatever the first lien holder will offer them. I can now tell you with confidence that four mortgages can be removed in your Philadelphia short sale. Thankfully, all four are being released without any additional deficiency judgment to the homeowner.

Our goal is to work hard and do the best for our clients. If you would like more information on Philadelphia short sales and whether a short sale is right for you, please contact us today or download the short sale information from our website.