Are you struggling to make your Wells Fargo mortgage payments every month? While foreclosure may seem like your option a Chester County Short Sale may be an option for you to consider. Many homeowners in similiar situations have already gotten out from under their mortgage debt thanks to a Chester County Short Sale and you could be the next.

Due to the acquistion of Wachovia Bank recently Wells Fargo has a very large presence in the Chester County Short Sale market and also have a very good reputation among agents. One of the positives of completing a Chester County Short Sale with Wells Fargo is their online platform called Equator. When completing a short sale your lender will require you to provide a large amount of financial paperwork and this online platform makes submitting it much easier. Wells Fargo is also well known for continuing to improve their short sale process in order to get fast approvals and fewer complaints from homeowners completing a Chester County Short Sale. Homeowners completing a short sale through Wells Fargo may also qualify for a short sale incentive whether through their lender or the federal government. If your mortgage is owned and serviced by Wells Fargo you will stand a good chance of qualifying for their coop short sale program. This program has provided homeowners up to thirty thousand dollars at closing simplying for completing a Chester County Short Sale. A large part of the Wells Fargo mortgage portfolio is owned by Fannie Mae which may qualify you for other incentives. Programs including HAFA and HAMP provide homeowners relocation assistance at closing to help with moving expenses. It is important to note that many of these short sale incentive plans do have expiration dates and it is important to act fast.

If you are behind on your Wells Fargo mortgage please act fast and contact a short sale specialist today to discuss your options before it is too late. Even if a Chester County Short Sale is not right for you there are other options for selling your home.