Are you tired of making your mortgage payment every month without ever seeing any equity in return? Have you considered or heard of others not paying in their mortgage in order to complete a Coatesville Short Sale? Thankfully for you many lenders are now allowing homeowners that are current on their mortgage payments to complete a Coatesville Short Sale.

In the past a valid hardship, such as a loss of income or death, was required in order to complete a Coatesville Short Sale. Now it seems as though lenders are treating an underwater mortgage as a valid hardship. As more and more homeowners complete Coatesville Short Sales lenders have realized that it is in the best interest of both parties. Your lender is in the business of lending money and not owning foreclosed properties. When a homeowner enters foreclosure the bank becomes responsible for the every day upkeep and also the bills. By allowing a homeowner who has not missed a payment to complete a Coatesville Short Sale they are saving themselves this trouble. For you as a homeowner this means you can move on from you distressed property without any penalty while also locating a new home. Given that home prices have greatly decreased since the height of the market this can help homeowners lock in a reasonable mortgage with better montlhy payments. For some homeowners it might make sense to wait out the market in order to stay in their home and hope for a return of equity. For many homeowners that are over fifty percent underwater a Coatesville Short Sale will likely be the best option.

Contact an experienced agent today to learn about your options for staying current on your mortgage while also getting out from under your distressed property. This great opportunity may not be around forever and is worth a discussion with your local Coatesville Short Sale agent.