For homeowners that are tired of making a mortgage payment every month with no equity to show for it there may be an alternative. Currently numerous lenders are allowing homeowners to complete a West Chester Short Sale while still current on their mortgage payments. Considering the drop in home prices over the last several years this may be an opportunity to get out from under your distressed property and in to a new home with reasonable rates.

In the past a homeowner was required to have a legitimate hardship, such as loss of job or divorce, in order to complete a West Chester Short Sale. These days some lenders consider simply having an underwater mortgage to be a valid hardship for your West Chester Short Sale. For homeowners that have been able to stay current over the years it has certainly been frustrating given the lack of equity gained from these payments. As mortgage rates continue to stay low finding a new home and completing a West Chester Short Sale may be your best long term real estate option. For homeowners who bought at the top of the housing market some five to ten years ago this could be a great opportunity to find a new home that fits your changing needs while also building equiy thanks to lower home prices. And with numerous short sale incentive programs available to homeowners you could even receive cash at closing for selling your distressed property.

If you are tired of making your monthly mortgage payments with nothing to show for it contact an experienced agent to discuss a West Chester Short Sale. Even if a West Chester Short Sale is not right for you it may be time to consider the options for your underwater mortgage. This opportunity may not last for long so act fast in order to take advantage of a potential once in a lifetime opportunity.