Well good afternoon everyone I am Matt Fetick with Sold By Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist, I am so happy you could join me today. I am a real estate agent in the Philadelphia area and update my blog frequently to keep my community educated and informed on the short sale process and the lenders I have worked with. For today’s topic I wanted to talk about working with Wells Fargo on a short sale file and what you can expect from the process from start to finish. I am a Wells Fargo customer myself and with all of the small banks they have been buying recently in the area there is a good chance you are too. Our team of short sale experts has a great process in place with Wells Fargo and we work with them very often. Having such a great relationship with their short sale department allows our team to get in touch with the people who make the decisions and find the answers we are looking for. Just last week we were having some trouble with one of their negotiators and I was able to e-mail five upper level managers in order to resolve the problem and keep that short sale file moving towards an approval. So if you are behind on your Wells Fargo mortgage, or any other lender, please contact me today or visit my website so we can discuss your options. If you have already missed a payment then the clock is ticking and we need to get started as soon as possible. Thank you for tuning in to Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist and I look forward to hearing from you soon.