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For my blog as we speak I needed to talk with you about a fantastic feature on our web site that can help get your real estate questions answered quickly. Once you visit SoldByShortSale.com one of the first things you’ll notice is the chat box positioned within the lower left hand corner. Whether you are at the office or simply thought of a query related to your property this is a great choice to get in contact with one of our agents. While you send a chat message our complete workplace is alerted and somebody shall be fast to reply with an answer to your real estate query. Possibly you are watching one of our numerous videos and have a question about your lender, the chat function is ideal for getting a quick answer. Of course you can still call our office or stop by any time but this is simply one other nice option to supply Philadelphia owners who may be facing foreclosure.

So for all of your short sale questions you possibly can call, write, or just stop by and learn how Philadelphia’s main short sale staff can assist you with your real estate situation. If you’re unsure if a short sale is best for you take a minute to try the Short Or Stay Calculator on my website to find out more. Thanks for your time immediately and I hope to hear from you soon at Sold By Short Sale in Philadelphia.

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