Hello, my name is Kevin Barmann from SoldByShortSale.com and short sale listing manager for the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team at Keller Williams in Philadelphia. What I want to make note of in this video is that if you’re receiving mail from your bank that they’re threatening foreclosure, that’s a good sign that you should talk with someone about some of your alternatives to foreclosure, such as a short sale or loan modification. What we are able to do is work with your lien holder and at least tell them that we are trying to avoid the foreclosure. Most of the time we’re able to push back foreclosure dates, but it does take some work on our end. Ultimately it is a bit of tricky to get the sale date pushed back but we’re able to do that with some of our sellers. So, if you’re getting some mail from your mortgage company and aren’t sure what it is, please reach out to us because we would be happy to help you and talk to you about the process of doing a short sale.

If you have received these notifications and are curious if a short sale is the answer to your financial problems, try out the short sale decision calculator on our website. If you enter in some of your basic property and mortgage information, the short sale calculator will send you an email detailing when your home will be worth what you owe and how much money it will cost to get you there. From this report you can decide if you would like to short sale your property or wait out the real estate market.

Again, if you have any questions on mail that you’re receiving from your mortgage company about foreclosure, want further information about doing a short sale or have questions about the short sale calculator, please contact us at 610.427.4420 or complete the form at SoldByShortSale.com.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Sold By Short Sale blog or you can also contact the Matt Fetick team and get started today.