Hello I am Matt Fetick with Sold By Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist, I am so glad you are here today because I wanted to give you some really good news. In the last several months my team has successfully negotiated several HAFA program short sales in the Philadelphia area. The HAFA program does two very important thing for our homeowners. First, all of the lenders on the short sale agree to accept the payoff as payment in full. This way there can be no deficiency judgment at the end of your short sale and none of your lenders can come after you in the future. Second, the HAFA program provides you three thousand dollars to help you the homeowner relocate to a new neighborhood or a new state. I hear a lot of HAFA horror stories so it felt great to have multiple files approved in such a short amount of time. One important thing to note about a HAFA short sale is the homeowner must cooperate fully with the agent and their bank. We will need a lot of documentation from the homeowner and there will also be several deadlines to meet in order to get approval. The homeowner must also maintain the home during the short sale process. The lawn needs to be mowed, the utilities need to be kept on that way we can show the bank we did all we could to get the best price for your home. When I can make that argument to your bank we will have a really good chance of getting a HAFA approval. If you have any short sale questions please visit my website or contact me right away. Thank you for tuning in and have a great day.