Well hello I am Matt Fetick with Sold By Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist, thank you so much for joining me today. In the greater Philadelphia area there are an enormous amount of homeowners who have their mortgage serviced by Bank of America. For that reason I have decided to discuss a Bank of America short sale as our topic for today. A lot of Philadelphia residents find themselves missing mortgage payments with Bank of America and our team is full of experts in foreclosure avoidance. We are always working a Bank of America file for one of our clients and have had incredible success in negotiating with them in the past. Bank of America uses an online platform for their short sales called Equator that makes the entire process more transparent and understandable. In using Equator your agent will upload all of the documents in your short sale file to the Equator platform and be able to keep tabs on the Bank of America representative as they look everything over. Having worked with Bank of America, and the Equator system, so many times we have built great relationships with their entire staff and know many of them on a first name basis. Thanks to this great track record with Bank of America we are able to contact the decision makers at the top if we ever run in to any obstacles during the short sale process. So if you are behind on your Bank of America mortgage, or any other lender, please visit my website or contact me today to discuss your options. Thank you for tuning in to Philadelphia leading short sale specialist and have a wonderful day.