Hello everyone my name is Matt Fetick with Keller Williams Realty in the Delaware area thank you for your time today. I use this blog to keep area homeowners informed on their options for avoiding foreclosure, including the short sale process. If you are struggling to make your mortgage payment every month or have already missed a payment please give me a call to discuss all of your real estate options to protect you against foreclosure.

In my blog today I wanted to talk with homeowners about the short sale approval process and what it takes to qualify. Evert successful short sale requires that the homeowner has a valid hardship that is approved by the lender. Common short sale hardships would include loss of income, death of the head of household, or divorce to name a few. A homeowner cannot simply walk in to their bank and just decide to short sale their property which is why a valid hardship, and a hardship letter, is necessary. At Sold By Short Sale we have a great little questionnaire that you can fill out to help you better understand what your hardships may be. We also have a real estate attorney on staff, as well as an accountant, if you would like to discuss all areas of your short sale potential. Getting all of your questions answered and learning about the short sale process is a great way to ensure you are taking the right steps to avoiding foreclosure.

If your property is underwater and you are just getting by every moth please give me a call to chat about how Sold By Short Sale can help you. Give my office a call today or fill out a contact form on my website to get started quickly on avoiding foreclosure.