Some of the people that we help throughout the Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE area owe more money on their home than it is currently worth. Some of these people are dealing with Divorce. Divorce is always a tricky thing. It is a sad time and can be a very difficult process because you have two parties involved, plus attorneys, family members and many different perspectives. Ultimately, many times the sale of the marital home is required. Many people have put off selling their Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE home because of divorce hoping that the market would improve. By now you might own another home or be living elsewhere and you realize that the marital home needs to be sold. In talking to a Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE realtor, you will probably find out that your home is worth less than what you owe.

What do we do? There are several options. Generally, in divorce situations, the short sale is the best option. Unless one of the parties in a divorce wants to keep the home and try to complete a loan modification, a Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE short sale is often the best option.

The good thing is, we are familiar with how to work with this situation. We can help communicate with your former spouse even if you are not communicating with them. We provide you with a tool that allows you to log in online and see what is going on with the sale of your Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE home.

If you are facing a divorce situation where you must short sale your Philadelphia & Wilmington, DE home, give us a call. We have options for you and skilled team members that can help you get through this challenge.