For homeowners that are preparing to complete a West Chester Short Sale it is important to trust your agent and their experience. As a homeowner it is certainly normal to have an emotional attachment to your home but when selling it should be a business decision. For this reason it is important to seek the advice of your West Chester Short Sale expert before making any improvements to your current home.

Often times when working with homeowners the conversation of home improvements to increase the property value comes up. In some cases this is a smart conversation to have but it is important to discuss your ideas with an agent that has experience with West Chester Short Sales. Because your West Chester Short Sale will be a home sold ‘as is’ this could simply be a waste of your money. Instead of considering big improvements to the kitchen or bathroom you may want to consider some simple steps to help your home sell. For example, washing the exterior of your home and cleaning up the yard and driveway are cheap options to make your home look new again. As the outside of your home gets hit with wind, rain, and snow in West Chester it can often times get warn down or faded. By taking a few hours to clean up outside you can increase your homes curb appeal when potential buyers pull in to the driveway. Staging your home can also be a very inexpensive way to make your home more appealing to potential home buyers. While these options may not add true value to your property they can certainly increase the amount of interest that buyers in the market will have.

And the more interest in your home from mulitple buyers will normally result in an increased selling price. So before your West Chester Short Sale make sure you contact an experienced agent about any home improvements. Consider some free and easy options that will make your home appealing while also helping selling your home for the best price available.