The Chester County short sale market can be confusing and you want to make sure that you have a good agent on your side to give you the best chance at getting an offer approval. Here are some characteristics that make a great Chester Country short sale agent.
Great communication skills are vital in the Chester County short sale market. One of the first steps to getting a short sale approved is to write an effective letter of hardship. It will decide whether the home will even be listed as a short sale, and the art of creating a letter that will make a lender really consider the situation is a necessary skill to have.
A Chester County short sale agent that is organized is also important. You want an agent that can keep track of multiple lenders, maintain mountains of paperwork, and understand the Chester County short sale market. Needless to say, this takes some organization skills.
When you work with a Chester Country short sale agent, you want someone who shows an attention to detail as well. There are all kinds of tiny cogs and wheels that are turning throughout the short sale process and an attention to detail will prevent the process from being delayed.
Kindness is a great trait to have as well. The short sale process usually comes with a lot of stress and an agent that is empathetic to sellers can definitely make the process more manageable.
Finally, a competent Chester County short sale agent will have a sound knowledge of the short sale process. A Chester County short sale is unlike any other agreement, and an agent that specializes in short sales can help you through the process. It takes more than just one class to make an agent a true specialist with short sales. Make sure your agent has actual experience closing short sale deals before you sign up.